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LAN Monitoring Software - OsMonitor

LAN Monitoring Software is a special software used by many business companies to monitor their employees' using or misusing of the Internet during working hours. This allows employers to find out the truth about what their employees are doing during the office hours. Employers often benefit from records in case they discover that company confidential information is being leaked or other inappropriate conduct is occurring on company computers. This software can show you the detail of the LAN using about the network card flow, bandwidth management and hardware changed record as well.

OsMonitor Monitoring Software's functions of LAN Monitoring helps and allows company administrators to monitor and supervise all their employee computers from a central location with a secret mode. It is normally deployed over a business network in seconds and allows for easy centralized log viewing via one central networked Personal Computer. This LAN Monitoring Software will record all activities in your LAN, you can make the setting about block some unallowed activities

OsMonitor Lan Monitoring can monitors all Clients in LAN via a central computer (the Server), All settings made on Server by administrator and all the Clients get the settings automatically. You won't do setting on the Clients one by one. It is so easy for you to manage and monitor your employees. All the monitor and block options could be customized by administrator. You can easily take control all users in your LAN by assigning different rights to different employees.

LAN monitoring software is used for the real time monitoring and continuous tracking of users' activities of local network computers. Remotely and in real time you can get screenshots of the remote computers, visited Internet sites record, used programs and file operation etc. You are able to record all activity to the log file by this software and, you only have to click the mouse for the system setting instead of  a great deal work for network setting. OsMonitor LAN Monitoring Software doesn't need a complex network structure, it just needs the computers installed the server can communicate with the computers you want monitor. That's OK.

OsMonitor LAN monitoring software helps you to find out what employees are doing when they are assumed to be work in Control over Employee during the office hours. Easily track their activity, so they will use network for the work purposes only.

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